The Company

Mission Statement:
Creating and Enhancing Sustainable Livelihoods

Venturing into the textile sector in 2003 as exporters of Assam Silk from a small office in Mumbai, India, Fabric Plus set out to become one of the significant landmarks of the Assam silk industry today touching thousands of rural lives. Established by, M.D, Mr. Dilip Barooah – a Textile Technologist turned technocrat with over 35 years of experience in the field who is highly regarded for his innovations and his ability for creative solutions and honing subtleties in the textile industries across the globe.

“We strive to be the vehicles of progress taking innovation and social harmony hand in hand” ~ Dilip Barooah

Fabric Plus is the largest commercial producers of Eri or Ahimsa Silk and the foremost in promoting tradition and handloom fabrics in North East India. Specialising in Eri silk, handloom fabrics and finished products for apparels and home furnishing, it features one the of foremost organised handloom set ups of India that is run by more than 80% women. We have had the privilege to work with clients such as Hermes, Ted Baker, Chanel, Boss, Caroll, Balmain, Brooks Brothers, Paul Smith, Camerucci, Luisa Spagnoli, Marina Rinladi, Emporio Armani, Incredible India, Fab India. Having worked with a gamut of artists and designers from across the world for over 15 years, we can say, with great pride, that our work has translated into creative expressions of many and added to the lives of over 50000 rural householders in North East India.

Our Services Include

Fabrics – Eri, Muga, Tussar, Mulberry, Remi, Silk Blends with Linen, Cotton, bamboo and other organic fabrics

Yarn – Eri, Muga, Silk Blends

Custom Made to Orders – Fabrics for Home Furnishing, Sarees, Mekhela Chador, Zora Shawls, Apparels

Corporate Gifts/Readymade Items– Stoles, Shawls, Ties, pocket squares, bags, clutches, folders, accessories etc

Garment Unit – Tailoring facility with over 100 Juki machines that
supplies to hospitals, hotels, schools and universities etc of Assam

Consultancy – Our team of experts provide innovative solutions to textile related challenges


The company gives due respect to the present generation and their attitude towards a conducive environment to create / innovate, develop and to be a part of the company’s growth road map. The door is open to all who are enterprising, confident, challenging, dedicated and hard working. We work very hard to minimise our impacts on the environment, and we strongly believe that one person’s actions can make a difference. In keeping with these values, please be sensitive to environmental concerns when preparing your résumé. As an alternative to mailing your materials, we encourage you to be as thorough as possible when completing the online application process, attaching a résumé, cover letter and any other additional materials only where necessary to enhance the body of your work.


Fabric Plus has joined hands with Women On Wings, an NGO originating from the Netherlands and have worked together towards the creation of jobs for women in rural India.This industry provides employment for thousands of women & has become a movement of women’s empowerment that provides livelihood and direction to women from different socio-economic backgrounds. Together, with Women on Wings we work towards creating jobs for rural women in North east India. With its business partners, Women on Wings aims to create one million jobs for women in rural India. 207,500 sustainable jobs for women have been created till date (and counting) and 622,500 children have been able to attend school.