Our thirst for innovation is never-ending, whether you are into apparel designing or home furnishing, welcome to our unique range of fabrics. At fabric plus, the process of innovation and creation is a continuous one, one that allows us to offer our clients best of quality and variety of products. We take care in making sure they get what they need and more, keeping in mind their requirements and timelines. Our team of expert weavers have been known to produce best quality of Eri and other indigenous silk fabrics. They work closely with the technical teams who are constantly evolving with new techniques of weaving and dyeing that inspire our clients to find their expressions and create something that’s unique to them.

FC - 12271

Design and elegance blended into one.

FC - 6568

The Glory and Grace of the Golden Silk of Assam shines bright

FC - 6564

Spun muga, made out of the waste created in the reeling process. An example of harnessing technology to upcycle waste.


FC - 5658

Eligible for furnishing, this piece of tassar silk done up with the smocking technique is ideal for the stretches in Pillows and Cushions.

FC - 12236

Silk for the summers. This particular fabric is very light, soft and breathable. We all want an odorless, light fabric to wear in the heat of the summers here don’t we?

FC - 12288

The Black Grey complexion of this piece lets designers add elements of elegance in their creation.

FC - 7067

Extremely soft and Delicate, so handle with care.


Harnessing innovation and technology to create beauty out of waste. Ghicha is obtained from the silk reeling waste. It involves a tedious process of washing and cleaning and spinning thereafter.

AC - 9240

A tasteful blend of Tassar and Eri silk to produce a gorgeous piece of fabric that takes all by surprise.

FC - 11139

Bamboo blended with Eri silk, soft to touch and all nature in feels

FC - 12214/02

Quilting? Not a problem, we have this beautiful blue piece achieved through self jacquard techniques of weaving.

FC - 12217/02

The quilted patterns on this piece is completely hand weaved. No digital printing involved.

FC - 8307

Majestic Eri with Muga Spun overlays

FC - 12359-04

Smooth and Silky, Dazzling for drapes and decor.

FC - 11284

A balanced fabric wherein the two varieties of Eri are fused together – Off-white Eri and Red Eri.

FC - 12225

Self-Jaqcuard design on pure Eri Silk