Assam silk saree

Most of us own a stole or even wear it as a part of our daily outfit.

A stole is a piece of fabric worn around the neck for warmth, sun protection, cleanliness, fashion, or religious reasons. They can be made in a variety of different materials such as silk, wool, cashmere, linen or cotton. It is a common type of neck wear.

It is endlessly versatile – for summers, style a stole with a basic top/t-shirt and bottoms and let the stole do the talking. Similarly in winters, you can team it with your sweaters/cardigans or long coats and make a classy statement.

Let’s explore some of the ways you can style a stole:

  1. The ‘just a wrap’ way

This is the most common way of adorning a stole is just wrapping it around the neck with its two ends hanging in the front. This style works if you casually just want to accessorise your outfit or quickly add colour to it.

Style Tip: If you are wearing a neutral or solid top/kurta, opt for a bright coloured solid stole or a printed one that stands out and vice-versa, that is play with solid coloured stoles with printed or busy tops.

2. The ‘one-sided’ way

Very easy and casual, this one effortlessly will add a stylish layer to your outfit. Just swing it around your neck and there you go!

Style Tip: Looks best with kurtis and longer tops, use a long stole for this style.


3. The ‘two-way style with a twist’

This is also a very popular way of wearing a stole and compliments almost everyone and every outfit. Twist the stole around your neck, bringing its two ends on the front. You can adjust the width of your stole around your neck according to your preference.

Style Tip: Make a loose twist around the neck while opting for this style. This will look good both with light weight cotton stoles or little heavy woolen ones for winter.


4. The classic Knot

This is a classic way of tying a stole. You need to wrap it around your neck and make a knot like a tie. The knot can be big or small, according to your preference and comfort.

Style Tip: Best for formal occasions, especially with shirts and blazers. One can also wear stoles in this style with maxis and casuals by loosely tying the knot.


5. The quirky way

A stole does not necessarily need to be worn around the neck or in a typical style. You can use your stole to style it as a bandana or even around your waist for some ‘quirky’ effect.

Style tip: For such offbeat styles of wearing a stole, experiment with a light weight one for ease of use.


Apart from the styles mentioned here, you can try a lot more by experimenting differently.  Wrap a long stole around your neck and tie a belt around your waist and there you go! You can also tie both the ends of the stole and make it a shrug.

So go on, pick up a stole and flaunt it. You can also pick one or more up from our wide range 🙂







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