That perfect mauve tee with black leather pants and those leopard print heels and you’re ready for yet another day without realizing the effects your choice of wardrobe creates.

The fashion industry currently leaves behind a huge negative environmental footprint. Apparel industry is considered to be the second largest polluter after oil. The culprits are synthetic fibers and leached chemicals from toxic dyes that went into that perfect shade of mauve and also the energy required to produce each piece.

Responsible fashionistas and the apparel industry itself is exploring eco friendly products to sustain planet earth. Fashion is turning to the rich heritage of natural fibers which are renewable, biodegradable, breathe, are friendly to the human body and may have beneficial medicinal properties too.

There are 7 simple reasons why stocking your wardrobe with Eco friendly fashion is way more chic –

  1. Helps the Earth – Eco friendly fabrics such as organic cotton, bamboo, jute, hemp or silk use much less water and zero chemicals such as pesticides and insecticides to produce. Natural dyes can be used on them cutting off a ton of chemicals and carbon released.

Secret Advantage – It keeps your skin nice and healthy.


  1. Helps the Workers – Clothes labeled under the Fair Trade Act helps the consumer ensure the products were made under safe working conditions thus preventing sweatshops and ensuring the workers earned a fair wage. It denotes that the company stands by its word.

Secret Advantage – The economy shoots up of the region of where the handicraft or handloom is produced                  with more employment and incomes.

3. Helps the Animals – Use of natural fibers prevents killing of animals and trade in skins and furs.

Secret Advantage – You contribute to conservation of wildlife and enjoy it during trips to nature parks and wilderness areas around you.

4. Makes your money last longer – When on a shopping spree, try picking up classic eco friendly pieces and not only will that help the environment but also help you to cut back on your consumerism.

Secret Advantage – You’ll save a lot of bucks in the future by stocking up classic pieces which even if more expensive will give you beauty and comfort to enjoy again and again.

  1. Exclusivity – Nothing is more annoying than seeing someone else wearing the same outfit. How do you prevent that? Go for handmade pieces as these are not possible by the artisan to recreate on a large scale. Now the possibility of someone else wearing the same outfit will be one in a million.

Secret Advantage – Handmade pieces are globally considered super luxurious as they are exclusive and also go          down the vintage line thus increasing their net worth. It’s an investment!


  1. Cheaper to Maintain – Natural Fabrics require natural care. Instead of spending your money on expensive detergents you can wash them with natural detergents such as soapnut.

Secret Advantage – Natural detergents don’t harm your skin and you can roam around all day smelling                         exclusively natural.

  1. Medicinal Properties– There are fabrics made from special fibers that have medicinal properties such as antibacterial or bug repelling. For example Sericin protein (of Bombyx mori), that is released by the silk worm during secretion is useful because it has antioxidant and antibacterial properties and is also UV resistant.

There are also a number of natural dyes that have medicinal properties such as Indigo which helps fight skin               diseases, turmeric which cures pain and is also beneficial for enhancing skin qualities and sandalwood which has       a natural perfume quality that helps fighting stress.

So go green on your wardrobe. Fill it with classic pieces and have a non consumerist future and a non cruelty closet. When shopping, never forget to ask ‘what I want to wear’ instead of ‘who I want to wear’.

By Ishna Bisht

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